Authentic “Hakka brewed tofu” recipe, detailed steps to teach you, entertaining guests must be good dishes

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Keep healthy and nutritious tips around you every day.Tofu is our common bean products, it has a long history, people have ears close to cooked is xi shi tofu the allusions, and mapo tofu, stinky tofu these delicacies, let us eat and eat and eat once, forget, now made of tofu food is in the food court, with each passing to a meet,Have you ever tried this hakka fermented tofu?China is a country with vast territory and abundant resources, and its food culture is rich and diverse. Hakka tofu brewing, also known as tofu brewing with minced meat, is one of them. It tastes delicious, so it is deeply loved by people.This dish is very important in the eyes of Hakka people. Generally, hakka people will carefully make a large plate of fermented tofu to celebrate festivals and entertain friends, which is always favored by everyone.With the convenience of transportation and the development of the Internet, tofu brew has been tasted by more and more people, and more and more friends like it. It is also very respectable to treat guests at home.Today, I will share with you the recipe of hakka brewed tofu. It is simple and beginners can learn it in one time. Let’s take a look!: edible salt, cooking oil firm tofu tomatoes with mash starch shallot, light soy sauce a oyster sauce, cut tofu tofu stuffed in a guest house, had better choose with firm tofu, because the firm tofu than some tender bean curd, tight, make more convenient on the palate and elastic, tender bean curd moisture is more, eat delicate but relatively easy to loose.So here is a piece of tofu, tofu with water gently wash, not too hard oh!Otherwise the tofu will rot easily.Once you’ve washed it, take it to the cutting board and cut it into big chunks with a knife, not too small, because it’s hard to get the minced meat in.Then we will prepare a tomato, this is stuffed tofu juice, is also very important, need to put the tomato skins, we put the tomatoes in a bowl, use a knife to the tail on tomato cross swords, add tomatoes boiled water, hot a dozen seconds can take out, this tomato peel is easy to be down.Remove the skin and place it on a chopping board. Cut it into large pieces with a knife and then chop it into small pieces for better juices.When we visit tofu brewing, the stuffing is also very important. Some ingredients will be added to the stuffing, while others just need to be minced meat, which depends on personal taste.Here we need to prepare a piece of lean meat, clean the lean meat with water, and then put it on the chopping board, cut into minced meat with a knife.Add salt, a spoonful of starch, and a dash of cooking oil, and whisk them together with chopsticks.Next, take out the cut pieces of tofu and gently pinch a big hole in the center of the tofu with chopsticks. Be careful not to poke the tofu through.Then pick up the minced meat with chopsticks, a little bit into the tofu, the action must be light, do not break the tofu, each tofu are stuffed with minced meat, put on the plate for use.Three, we are ready to dish up the cooking ingredients, now began to dish up the cooking, it is best to prepare a non-stick pan, the bottom oil pan, after oil is hot, then put the bean curd one by one, make the surface of the bean curd with meat down, open the small fire will be Fried tofu to finalize the design, use chopsticks to tofu turning again,Fry tofu on both sides until golden brown.Fried tofu can fill out after about plate, we pour the tomatoes into, again stir gently with a spatula, until tomatoes fired out lots of juice, Fried tomatoes, we can begin to brighten it, first into the right amount of salt, a spoonful of soya sauce, a little oyster sauce, in addition to the clear water.Once the water has dried, you can add the tofu, you can bring it to a simmer, you can stir it, you can turn it over, so it’s all soaking up.Then we can mix a bowl of starch water, pour down to thicken, this can make the soup more thick, need to pay attention to the stir, everyone’s action must be light, tofu is relatively soft, so do not use too much energy when stirring oh!After two minutes, ladle out the tofu and pour the sauce on top, garnish with some scallions, and you have a delicious hakka stuffed tofu.The hakka brewed tofu made in this way is fresh and delicious, and looks very appetizer. If you also like eating tofu, you might as well try this method. It is very respectable to entertain guests when you come to your home.Have you learned this good dish for entertaining guests?”Hakka brewed tofu” you deserve it. Ok, that’s all for today’s sharing. If you understand it, let’s make it quickly!If you also like today’s share, remember to give Qingqing a like and forward, follow qingqing, next time to share more food.