Big brands in the year of the Tiger limited rewards, foreign brands finally no longer prank the Chinese zodiac

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Article | YOYO edit | xinyu every Chinese New Year, foreign luxury brands will practice with the New Year a limited amount of “Chinese wind” series.In preparation for the festive and auspicious Chinese New Year, international brands have already taken charge of all 12 zodiac signs.In order to attract Chinese consumers, designers of major brands have racked their brains and exhausted their cells to design various “Chinese styles”.But every time the weird painting style and all kinds of “hot eyes” overturned, let a person very strange whether they have any misunderstanding of the Chinese wind?!For example, in the Year of the Rooster, Adidas released a limited-edition sneaker that combines the Chinese zodiac spirit of the Year of the Rooster with mahjong, one of China’s national treasures.In fact, if the reason is not complicated, because these international brands did not really understand the auspicious meaning behind the zodiac, as well as the extensive and profound connotation of Chinese culture.Estee Lauder love zodiac deep, every year will launch a zodiac limited powder, all kinds of blingbling.As for styling, it’s a bit of a long story.Have to say, in the monkey, chicken, dog, pig and so on the experience of the foundation, the year of the tiger limited powder is obviously much more reliable.The year of the Tiger limited edition powder is still a tuhao style, covered in diamonds, the style is a bit cyberpunk.And Estee Lauder this year’s Tiger New Year packaging is very reliable, the color is extremely festive red and gold color, small brown bottles, eye cream, lipstick, powder…The lineup is also strong.Many big brands limit money to go kidney design, let a lot of consumers in the fog in the cloud confused, brand Spring series can be said to be a “than ugly congress”.But with the development of China in recent years, the “banknote power” of Chinese people has made big brands pay more and more attention to the Chinese market.The reaction is in Chinese zodiac limited money, it is from the original careless, let a person all sorts of scratching the head, to nearly two years on the style and design more and more rely on spectrum.In particular, this year of the Tiger, the major brands, whether clothing or skin care, limit the interpretation of this “proposition composition”, reading comprehension nearly full marks aesthetic basic online.Let’s talk about Gucci first, tiger elements have always been the trump card of Gucci, and this year also did not disappoint, the whole to a real tiger and model together deduce the tiger theme.The use of a real tiger in Gucci’s Year of the Tiger campaign sparked controversy and criticism abroad, and even a lengthy explanation of the company’s desire for survival didn’t seem to help.The footage of the tiger was filmed separately and later incorporated into the AD, supervised by a third-party animal welfare organization, the statement said.The official presentation is professional and elegant: Creative director Alessandro Michele takes the brand’s natural inspiration and presents a contemporary interpretation of the iconic tiger pattern, creating a poetic rebirth in the flowers and greens that highlight the diverse aesthetics of Gucci’s world.The tiger’s unique domineering spirit is blended in with the flowers, which is mild for a few minutes, and has the meaning of the tiger sniffing roses.Gucci’s year of the Tiger collection, from watches to shoes to phone cases, looks pretty good overall.But still want to poke fun, the year of the tiger to get a real tiger, the year of the rabbit next year is not what difficulty, that, the year of the dragon?At Dior, this year’s Year of the Tiger collection is a collaboration with artist Kenny Scharf.The design of the baby tiger is very soft and cute, which is more playful than the “tiger” pattern.Blue and white color is fresh and clean, jumping out of the “New Year limited Chinese red” magic spell, giving a person a special quiet feeling in a bright red fire.The charming tiger print, embroidery and decoration, elaborately embellished in shirts, knitwear, jeans and down jackets, blue, white and red, a symbol of happiness and auspice in Chinese culture, together inject modern atmosphere into the limited series of this festival.With tiger print, embroidery and decorative embellishments on shirts, knitwear, jeans and down jackets, it gives a cheerful festive color and is more popular with young people.Adorable tiger elements are also at the heart of all accessories, from shirts, silk scarves and D-Connect sneakers to classic LADY DIOR handbags, BOOK TOTE handbags and saddle bags, fresh in style and touching in price.Dior makeup tiger limited to continue to take the Chinese red route, design and color matching are impeccable.The gold stamping pattern of the whole gift box, coupled with the graceful scene of the tiger roaming flowers, has both weight and a sense of festival ceremony.And Louis Vuitton, as usual, restricted the New Year to accessories.Precious Tiger designs a collection of pieces based on vivid tigers.Realistic tiger holding LV classic hard box, vivid image, a kind of tiger guarding mysterious treasure feeling.Looking closely at the tiger, there is a kind of naive feeling under the conservative painting style.It not only perfectly integrates elements of the Year of the Tiger with LV classics, but also cleverly avoids the risk of rollover.Relatively speaking, the year of the Tiger limited scarf is more suitable for starting, classic vintage scarf + lovely tiger and bag stickers, very tiger atmosphere.In the year of the Tiger, there is also a tiger puzzle, which can be put in the room to add a lot of New Year atmosphere.There are plate sets, cup sets, knickknacks and so on.On the whole, it’s aesthetically online.If you don’t believe me, let’s check out LV’s Zodiac key chains from the last two years.The Hermes Year of the Tiger limited edition features a New Year’s eve animation, with a cute tiger returning to the heart of a child.The short film skillfully combines Chinese traditional customs with new products, full of childlike innocence.In the cartoon, Hermes’ new series, such as Glenan double ring bracelet, Tie7 tie, embroidered version of the King of the Tiger scarf, Carre Pocket long bag, are cute and lovely.Burberry’s year of the Tiger limit this time is to the theme.All kinds of tiger designs and running tiger patterns look very festive and rich.Tiger stripes are an excellent design and decorative element for a range of items from scarves to bags.Especially the tiger grain Lola bag, the texture of fur is very advanced, the amber texture of the chain is also in line with the current aesthetic, the New Year is absolutely eye-catching.The tiger running with a red scarf is not ugly, but it is not so full.Knitwear and shirts are covered in this pattern, which is not exactly trypophobia friendly.Tiger tiger tiger tiger tiger full set, can hold the people estimate is not much, when see a lively bar!In addition to these, shangxin also has some elements of tiger head.The tiger head modelling that gives stereo with leather joining together, dignified a few minutes less, match with the dress of whole body tiger design especially together, have a little soil arrive together feeling, even if be a model, also can’t hold ~ have excellent, of course also have turn over a car.For example, saint Laurent’s New Year’s eve limit, the face of the tiger print, and hidden tiger head, it is tempting to explore how many tiger heads are inside.As for wearing, how can you wear such an exaggerated design?Marni’s designs this year are dominated by tiger prints, which are actually pretty good on the whole, except, um, this tiger, isn’t it a little sloppy?Is it a kindergarten child with drawings ah?Although the tiger print looks a bit sloppy, the overall design of the dress is good, more casual, very suitable for fashion.This year, Coach will feature its mascot Rexy, a dinosaur designed by creative director Stuart Vevers.As for the year of the Tiger limited money, it is to put on the tiger skin.”Wolf in sheep’s clothing” this song is listened to, wearing tiger skin of the small dinosaur, also be live long to see it.But in general, each brand of the year of the Tiger limit are basically above the pass line.Perhaps these international brands can finally get to the point of Chinese zodiac culture, or perhaps the tiger is relatively easier to show, in short, these designs or quite walk heart.I wonder what interesting surprises and scares they will give us next year.