Network Chinese Festival | Spring Festival “tile cat” pray jinafu “Tiger bless” better life

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Tile cat is a unique ceramic architectural decoration in Yunnan. Its prototype is tiger, which is often placed on the roof, implying guarding the house, driving away evil and praying for luck. Today is the third day of the Year of the Tiger of The Year of Ren Yin.Let’s take a look at the yunnan tile cat, which is named after a cat but symbolizes a tiger.For some ethnic minorities in Yunnan, the tiger is not only a fierce beast, but also a patron saint.It was believed that the brick walls and rubble of ordinary homes could not resist evil things, so a tiger was asked to sit down and pray for evil and wealth.Hence, “Tile cat” was invited to the ridge and lintel, and became the “patron saint” of anjia Lizhai.Wu Xiaohao is a non-genetic inheritor of tile cat production after 90. He studies fine arts and has been making tile cats since graduating from university.”Shen Da [sound with Shen Shu] yu Lei [jade law], holding reed rope, holding to feed the tiger”.As early as the Han Dynasty, people thought that the tiger could eat evil ghosts, so they painted the tiger on the door, and the door gods Shen Da and Yu Lei were responsible for catching ghosts, while the task of eliminating ghosts was given to the tiger, that is, “holding to feed the tiger”.The tile cat was designed to look like a cat or a tiger, perched on the roof, guarding the house, and gradually became a folk custom.The year order falls further, the tile cat shocking shape, also evolved a unique artistic charm.In western Yunnan, such as Heqing, Wa Cat is called “Zhenjihu” and “Xiangjihu”, while in Kunming, it is called “Shishomao”, which is due to the homonym of tiger and cat in The Yi language.Yunnan folk tile cats are of various types and different shapes. Generally, they are made by artisans with clay, with primitive and rugged beauty.Common tile cat models are squatting or standing on a tile, with upright ears, wide eyes and wide mouth full of fangs.Some tile cat forehead engraved with the word “King”, and folk cloth tiger, tiger shoes and other similar shape.Over time, the tile cat gradually became a symbol of good fortune.Tile cat is a kind of expectation of ordinary people for a peaceful and peaceful life. Up to now, it still sits on the eaves or tile ridges of rural houses. It is mysterious and interesting, and has become one of the colorful folk cultures in Yunnan.