The women beat the Japanese and the men are killing the goose that lays the golden egg!I have a girlfriend who is a flight attendant and a mother who sleeps with a young player

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Lost to Vietnam in the men’s team on the first 3 to 1 after the World Cup, 22 points in the women’s Asian cup continued last night, in the semi-final, the Chinese women’s team and the Japanese women’s football matches, after the match, the Chinese women’s penalty shoot-out 4-3 win, total score is 5, 6 – out after Japan, China women’s Asian cup finals!Before January 30, China women’s football team defeated Vietnam 3-1, successfully get 2023 women’s Football World Cup ticket!No comparison, no harm, Chinese women’s football team has never let people down!Someone suggested disbanding the men’s football team to avoid disgraceful, Liu Jianhong said: we can’t disband the men’s football team, we must have it to prove that if we don’t work hard, we will certainly disgraceful!It is generally believed that their problem is eating too much “aphrodisiac” : the body overdraw the seeds from 2015 to 2017 Asia two years Evergrande property by burning money, were sown the Asian champions let originally weak men once thought he male, the result is that the core players each became a billionaire, a suit of streaky, spell doesn’t run on the pitch.The decline of Chinese men’s football actually has more bloody reasons: Is the Chinese football for many years of killing the goose to get the egg “full of evil”, the abscess is broken this time, a word: Chinese men’s football rotten to the root!A tianjin fan pointed out the six “abscesses” of men’s football.Youth training I know about Tianjin football always said that parents are not willing to let their children play football.Why is that?At the beginning of jinyuan football, more than 15, and the next guidance of tianjin youth training schools on almost every tianjin football endorsements, less than 10 years, Tianjin’s football green!Cut I school almost all fall why fall?A small player wants to enter the team to pay money, want to play to pay money, want to enter tianjin youth team to pay money.A youth academy run by a Beijing Guoan player not only demands money, but also sleeps with the mothers of young players.It costs at least 800,000 yuan for a child to enter the Tianjin youth team.The famous hotels in Tianjin are divided into two groups.1.No matter what we talk about, it’s all money up front.The big brother with the face of lai earned tens of millions in Tianjin.2.I’ll take half, and I’ll take the rest when I get to the senior team.This is a little conscience, the representative is the flag of Tianjin parents do not want to let their children kick, is really can not afford the money a tianjin youth training these years out of MAO Biao, Tian Xu are super rich children in the home.twoThe adult team, that is, the professional team Tianjin team in recent years, we old Tianjin fans almost do not know a lot of outside the earth can not play, to Tianjin can give the maximum salary or extremely high wages.And then you don’t play a lot of games a year, and there are a lot of youth team players who don’t play a year and get paid a lot of money.This kind of player’s contract is really very high, but in fact most of them need to be supplied, club officials need to get money, the Chinese coaching staff also need to get money, a lot of specific foreign teachers are decoration, nothing can be said.3.Transfer we see the news also saw Wang Xiao, Li Guangyi was checked.They use the name of his relative, made a player broker package company, all tianjin team’s player transfer and foreign aid introduction are monopolized by this company.We think teda took over Tianjin team 10 years, daily investment several + 100 million, how many of these money fell to the pocket of the individual four.Match-fixing has been happening in the Chinese league for as long as there has been a Chinese professional league.What about fixing and fixing? The betting never stops.In those days why jin Zhiyang dismissed from tianjin team, it is said that players are not allowed to play false ball, moved everyone’s money.At that time, the whole Tianjin team did not gamble.In those days a famous reporter publicly broke the tianjin 迟嵘亮 gambling, and then late disappeared, heard to run abroad to hide.Recently this elder brother appeared in tianjin team coach’s seat publicly again.That’s ironic.Football is a circle, football is a business, football is a completely closed loop interest circle five.The national team again and again, again and again.Because the national team is a business and the national team, like Peking University and Tsinghua University, is an endorsement.For example, IF I spend 50 yuan to give me a diploma from Tsinghua University, I am willing to consider spending this money. The leaders of the national team, the leaders of the FOOTBALL Association, the head coaches and the assistant coaches all have their own business, and everyone has their own interest circle. Everyone has to make money.You’re not an international superstar. It doesn’t make any difference.Into A I can take 500,000, into B I don’t take a cent, I will definitely choose A ah everyone more unexpected is, the national team also play fake football.Many, many unexpected defeats, are gambling, lippi lost Iran that why directly put down the pick quit.It was so fake, so fake, the old man couldn’t stand it six.Golden yuan football A player era, we have A lot of technical characteristics of the players.There are tall centre-forwards, good goalkeepers, central midfielders and Asian-level wingers.Now the Chinese team has none in Asia.But player earnings are among the highest in the world.Most premier League players earn less than Chinese players.Nearly 10 years, Chinese football in addition to Wu Lei, almost no foreign, why?You make tens of millions a year in China, you get fancy cars, you get new girlfriends every week.Go abroad to earn less than 1 million, but also leave home, hard work.Who’s going to be there?The men’s soccer players don’t look good, their girlfriends are all stewardess models, and they often change them.Even we general Fan Zhiyi Fan, several wives are also air hostesses.The Chinese team can win gold MEDALS in the Olympic Games, almost all the old sports team training mode.Usually the big money, like men’s football, men’s basketball always disappointed the fans.Fat hens don’t lay eggs.Chinese men’s football is a circle, ability is not important.Skill is not important.Pay the press. You’re a good kid.Pay the coach, and you’re a solid player.You bet with the team, when someone throws you the ball.Why naturalized player does not have person to pass the ball in China team, coach does not let go up, media scold everyday?The iron vanity Fair circle of Chinese men’s soccer is not allowed to be broken even a little bit.